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🔥Last chance! Get 49% off and free shipping on the 2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler.

🔥Last chance! Get 49% off and free shipping on the 2023 Summer Toy Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler.

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Get ready to elevate your child's playtime with our revolutionary water toy, the Rocket Sprinkler! Crafted from sturdy plastic, this product is ideal for hot summer days.

The Rocket Sprinkler guarantees an enjoyable and engaging experience. With its rotating and water-spraying features, it offers refreshing fun from every direction. Choose from three vibrant color options, each with a base and faucet interface included.

Let the Rocket Sprinkler make a splash in your child's outdoor adventures this summer!


[Durable Material] The Rocket Sprinkler is crafted from eco-friendly ABS material, ensuring both safety and durability. It is designed to withstand prolonged use, making it a long-lasting choice for endless fun on hot summer days. Your kids and pets will have a blast with this reliable and entertaining water toy, creating unforgettable memories and keeping cool throughout the season.

[Sprinkler Rocket] To get started with the Rocket Sprinkler, simply attach a garden hose to the thrust controller. The water stream from the hose will raise and balance the rocket in the air. Once the rocket is perfectly balanced in the desired position, water will spray out from the nose cone, creating a refreshing shower for those adventurous enough to run underneath it. It's a thrilling and interactive experience that will keep everyone cool and entertained during those sunny summer days.

[Water Sprayer Toys] With its rocket-shaped design, the Rocket Sprinkler not only functions as a water toy but also adds a touch of cuteness and coolness to your outdoor play area. The vibrant and eye-catching colors are specifically chosen to captivate kids' attention and spark their excitement for water games. Whether it's on the lawn, in the backyard, or in the courtyard, this delightful sprinkler will create a joyful atmosphere where children can engage in water play and have endless fun under the sun.

[Easy to Operate]

To set up the Rocket Sprinkler, follow these easy steps:

  1. Connect the hose: If the provided water pipe is not long enough, you can attach a universal interface to extend it.
  2. Connect the hose to the yard faucet outlet.
  3. Rotate the valve and tighten it securely.

Note: When opening the faucet valve, do so slowly. The speed of rotation and the height of the water spray will be influenced by the water pressure. Higher water pressure will result in faster rotation and a higher spray height. Enjoy the mesmerizing water display and adjust the valve accordingly to create the desired effect.

[DIY stickers] Upon receiving the product, you may notice that the sticker has not been applied yet. Please rest assured that we have included the stickers in the product packaging. You can enjoy the creative process by decorating the stickers yourself and placing them in your preferred positions to make the rocket toy uniquely beautiful. Let your imagination soar and make your rocket toy stand out from the rest. Have fun and create a one-of-a-kind rocket experience!

rocket water toy

[Great Summer Water Gift] The Rocket Sprinkler toy is not only a source of endless water fun but also a delightful gift for kids to enjoy with their families and pets during the summer season. This innovative toy is designed to keep kids engaged and entertained, making it perfect for various outdoor settings such as the beach, pool, and backyard. Its appeal transcends age barriers, bringing joy to both children and adults alike. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and experience the pure delight of water play with the Rocket Sprinkler.

Rocket Toy

Easy to assemble

1. Connect the connectors at both ends of the water pipe first.

2. Insert the connector into the launch base.

3. Drop the other connector and fix it on the faucet outlet.

4. Put the rocket on the launch base and slowly turn on the tap. The rocket will spin upwards for take-off as the water pressure increases.

Note: If the length of the free water pipe is not enough, you can match the same model with a longer water pipe yourself.

Package List:
1* Rocket
1* Base Interface
1* Faucet Interface
1 * 3M Water pipe 

Item: Rocket Launcher Toys
Material: ABS, EVA
Size: 28.5*18cm
Packing Size: 14.8*14.8*29cm
Packing Weight: 800g

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