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Innovative Collapsible Magnetic Car Phone Holder with Durable Alloy Build

Innovative Collapsible Magnetic Car Phone Holder with Durable Alloy Build

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Equipped with a flexible bracket that can be adjusted up to 720 degrees and a convenient folding mechanism, our car phone holder allows you to effortlessly rotate and position your smartphone or device to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Magnetic Foldable Mount:

Attach it securely to curved surfaces with enhanced stability and strong magnetic grip for an unobstructed view. Easily retractable and foldable within seconds, this compact and space-saving bracket eliminates clutter and provides a stable solution for holding your device when not in use.



  • 6 powerful magnets for secure attachment.
  • Foldable design for easy storage.
  • Stable and non-slip grip.
  • Convenient one-handed operation.
  • Strong magnetic force ensures a secure hold, even during movement.
  • Easy to handle with one hand.
  • Upgraded closed magnet field preserves phone signal strength.


Perfect for use in various settings including furniture, offices, and cars. The phone holder is universally compatible and features nano-strong adhesive that can be easily removed without leaving any marks. It can also be securely attached to sloped surfaces without causing any damage to your car.

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